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The policies shown in this document are intended to notify users MundoMaritimo about the behavior of our company regarding the processing of personal data collected through our portal.

1 | Collection:

When you need MundoMaritimo services, personal information such as name, defeat, address, etc., is collected via email or form. Our site does not currently use cookies, to record or collect information from users, but, at any time and at its sole discretion and without the need for authorization, can use it, try to provide the care and protection shown above for that data.

What information is collected?

All information collected from users at MundoMaritimo aims to:

(1) Provide personalized services, content and ads to users while browsing the MundoMaritimo website

(2) Conduct internal studies on data on demographics, interests and behavior of our users. This information is used to better understand and serve our users.

2. Use:

This data that you provide freely and voluntarily, is intended to provide better services, information and utilities to our users. You have the right not to accept shipping, ignoring the benefits provided by our website.

If you decide to provide the data, we will require you to maintain clear and orderly behavior, in accordance with the policies that we disclose below, which you inform and that you receive.

Our policies regarding data collected are as follows:

Responsibility for the correctness of data collected in this way is exclusive to users.

3. Security:

We manage the Off-Line database, which ensures the total privacy of your customers, in connection with data provided to MundoMaritimo.

On the other hand, an exceptionally recognized connectivity and hosting service provider that has been certified, "hosts" our site on their web server, 365 days a year, seven days a week and twenty-four hours, which ensures that our site has the possibility of "falling" on the web or interference with "hackers" that violate our Portal.

4. Quality:

Without reducing the responsibility that is appropriate with the user, MundoMaritimo will be very careful to collect, maintain, use, publish, or distribute personal information related to users and visitors, verify that the data is correct, complete and sufficient to meet the objectives for those who will be used.

5. Modifications:

Users who have previously sent personal data or information to MundoMaritimo, may request modifications, corrections or deletions, send an email to [email protected], indicate their name, forwarding, address, telephone, and clearly disclose what information you have sent that you want to change or delete.

In any case, and as a security measure, MundoMaritimo has the right to verify the authenticity of communication.

6. Publications and exchanges:

MundoMaritimo, as a general rule, will not transfer, transfer, sell or provide your personal data to anyone. MundoMaritimo can transfer, disclose or transfer data collected to its users, to third parties in accordance with the following circumstances:

(1) In the case of having explicit consent from the user, your personal data can be used by third parties for direct marketing purposes, telephone calls, to send e-mail, among others. Users have the right and choice to refuse to receive this information from third parties.

(2) In the case of "business contacts", your personal data can be used by third parties only to be able to complete and carry out transactions that lead to the sending or gathering of such information.

(3) Information required by law, court order or other legal procedures that require it.

7. Use of information related to third parties:

In case of having the appropriate agreement, MundoMaritimo will use information from users to communicate and notify you, via email, about:

(1) Modifications to existing services or products, appearance of new services or products, or others determined by the user.

(2) Information, offers, or types of marketing promotions that MundoMaritimo might give to users.

(3) Advice by users about, "recommend this news to friends"

8. Services provided by third parties on the site:

Finally, MundoMaritimo can contract the services of external companies, to provide new services and products through this website. The information collected in your case by these companies will be governed by the same user agreement.

If you have questions or doubts about our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]

9. Related ads

Regarding advertising or promotional information services, to present related services that might be interesting, we have links with other companies that we allow to advertise on our pages. These companies can request your information directly from you, being their sole responsibility to handle and manipulate this information.

Finally, MundoMaritimo does not guarantee the privacy of the user's personal information, if it provides or disseminates information in public telephone directories, press reports, publications, chat rooms, newsletters or the like. This information can be collected by third parties, with or without your consent. The user discloses this information under his responsibility.

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