Updating Kudelka is a mess of U


At the University of Chile they were nervous. Azul Azul knows that he must immediately sit down and talk to Frank Kudelka. Technician from Universidad de Chile, which today only focuses on closing reinforcements that allowed him to apply his playing style to the 2019 season, ending the contract in June. That is, in the middle of the national tournament and with the Copa Libertadores in disputes, if the students progress in the round.

Whether no one at the dealer wants to blame for the conflict that can befall them, if transandean does not reach an agreement with the club to extend the link. In that directory, the arrival of great candidates Ronald Fuentes, now a former sports manager, raises doubts about his poor career. They were afraid that Kudelka would emulate the story of DarĂ­o Franco, for example, which came from Argentine football without a good curriculum. He was fired and had to be expelled from Centro Deportivo Azul which was hidden in a van, without giving any statements. Or, the closest example, that occurred with the departure of Guillermo Hoyos, who left with a millionaire's compensation, after being renewed until December 2019.

At Blue Blue they tried to fill out the Kudelka contract clause, which initially connected it until the end of next season. "One clause said that they could take it whenever they wanted. He was paid three months and his salary and ties could be cut. They saw it as a technical bet. This could be complicated for U," said one of the parties participating in the transaction. A series of irregularities they wanted to sue from the DT caused him to be annoyed, to the point that he did not accept any clauses and agreed to sign only 12 months, since his arrival in June, in exchange for US $ 750 thousand for all his coaching staff.

Today, at La Cisterna, they know that the game can harm them. That's why Sabino Aguad, the agency's new sports manager, already has an order to start managing, during the following weeks, the extension of the link. "Currently the issue of renewal is not discussed. U are people who want to propose that link. Continuity? You have to evaluate a lot of things from both sides," they said close to the coach.

Kudelka on more than one occasion has expressed his dissatisfaction with the U structure, inadequate in several aspects because of his status as a big club, according to the coach. Even after falling against Antofagasta, 4-0, right after the departure of Mauricio Pinilla and Angelo Araos, the coach thought about leaving the institution: "It occurred to me to resign, but that's where you have to maintain balance and understand this as a way to improve," he said A month ago. Fuentes' departure, which was responsible for his arrival, also made him unstable.

Harold and Conca, waiting

Directors Azul Azul is awaiting a call for an extraordinary meeting to be held this week to begin defining a vice president who will assume responsibility, following the resignation of Pablo Silva, executive director. For now, Mario Conca has taken that position for a while.

At the meeting they are expected to be faced with candidate projects for positions: Conca, Harold Mayne-Nicholls and the third candidate evaluating the application. Harold, today in Croatia with his family, has expressed his desire to take over for the next four years.


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