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Updates don't matter to me, I just want the phone to function properly for me

Android Pie

At present less than 0.1% of Android devices have Android Pie, a number that shows how fragmentation in Android affects us quite negatively. Android One in recent years has positioned itself for many people in the position of coast guard Two years of renewal and three security patches were promised. Google has removed from its website information that refers to two years of updates, probably because of the bad work that many manufacturers do with their ROMs – even though they have stated that, in theory, they have to save two years of renewal. As a member of the community technology This type of news arouses interest but … what happens when we go to the real world?

We want to check it out updates are only important for most technology users, while the rest comes to ignore even what version gives life to your Android phone. Fragmentation is a security problem, but for practical purposes, the average user is not too worried about this. We have chosen, on the one hand, followers of Andro4all, to tell us their views on reform. On the other hand, we have chosen non-cellular users, to try to see if there are differences between one type and the other from the user.

The average user doesn't care about updates

Samsung Galaxy S7

Iván Medina is 22 years old from Granada, and he still maintains his Samsung Galaxy S7. With your permission, we access terminal settings, and it still runs under 7.0 version of Nougat. I don't know which Android is right, I don't know where it looks. What I want is for the cellphone to last as long as possible, and what I read a little about updates is that they make cellphones consume a lot of batteries and become slow. Ivan is a real example of the damage that occurred to Android images by certain past updates, and did not trust Samsung to improve the performance of the Galaxy S7 that had been paralyzed.

He said that to us he has been with Samsung for life, and it's only updated when the system needs it. This one – Galaxy S7 – has been updated once, sending me a lot of warnings and for that reason I gave it to ya. I haven't seen any changes and it works more or less the same, but it's been a bit dead and I don't believe that if I update it now it will slow down. The other Samsung I have I have not updated, and they don't give me too much trouble.

xiaomi redmi 3x

Antonio Kóvac lives in Málaga, and he is 34 years old. It has a Xiaomi Redmi 4X, and although it continues to follow updates, don't give importance. When I went to buy a telephone, the first thing I noticed was the value of money. I heard about Xiaomi and it seems they are fine. It's updated a lot, even too much, always asking me to update to improve. I don't know what things, I prefer not to do it. Antonio is a reflection of how an update can be a nuisance to the average user, various security patches that have come to your Xiaomi seem to give you a little.

I think the update for you finally bought another phone. I gave it to you because it annoys me that you have so many notifications on your cellphone, but I don't think that it needs so many updates to make the phone work properly.

Honor 9

Elena Vázquez is a 19-year-old student from Madrid. He said that to us at the seller's recommendation he gets Honor 9, without knowing anything about their support. In the shop they told me that this brand is the best they have, and actually I really like this phone. I don't ask for updates because I don't understand about that. When I get an update, I give it because I thought it would be better, but if it's not updated, I don't mind. Elena is proud of Honor 9 and does not hesitate update, in fact think that they are very helpful.

Yes it is true that before they gave me a Chinese telephone that was never updated and worked fatally. I don't know if it's because it's not updated or because the brand is bad, but it really works well.

OnePlus 6T case

Julia Castillo is a Grenadian of 21 years, and has OnePlus 3T. I inherited it from my brother, he said it was super fast and much updated, but in reality I didn't really understand.. 3T Julia has Android 8, and will receive Android Pie in a short time. I don't care that the phone is updated, but I won't buy a cellphone for something I don't know for what it is. My sister told me that this cellphone is more updated than all my friends have, but that doesn't matter to me. Julia didn't seem to realize the monster in her hand, it is also not a praiseworthy thing that it turns out that the terminal that appears on the market with Android 6.0 will update to Pie 9.0.

Advanced users have thought about it

Huawei P8 Lite

Esther Sanchez, from Madrid, 26 years old, told us that even though it is a Huawei user and is not a determinant of purchasing, it takes into account updates. I am a Huawei, Android Pure user that I don't use, but yes, I want to tell me about updates – whether Android or EMUI – and possible new functions / adjustments that will.

For questions about whether you are updating as soon as the OTA arrives, you tell us yes, but take certain precautions.

I always update to try it myself, and even if I won't open the phone, I want to know what is being cooked. This is not something I noticed when buying, I prefer a good battery, screen and camera. Esther is considered an "addict update", and there she is even though it uses mid-range and can't always enjoy the latest version, continue with ROM and the new launcher to test new features on your device. I usually try to root, try ROM or launcher to see what new functions I can have on my cellphone. In short, I'm addicted to updates!

Xiaomi Mi A1 update

Sebas Andreu Díaz, 23 years old from Murcia, told us your dissatisfaction about updates on Android. Updates will appear to me correctly if done like on iOS, depending on which manufacturer Google released the version for the smartphone sooner or later, usually the first brand to receive it first.. Sebas seems to know the operation update on Android, and chose Xiaomi Mi A1 to wait for a good update speed. The Android One theme has changed to a bitter taste because we expect something else – I have a Xiaomi Mi A1 and it has been updated to Android Pie in December.

Sebas told us that he was a lover of Android Puro and that he told himself carefully before buying a telephone to find out how it worked and what would be his support –

I pay attention to everything to buy a telephone. Before buying it I saw 1000 reviews, reviews, reviews, comparisons … I already told you, I am a pure Android and Android lover even more. With the answer we have a clear viewpoint from advanced users, which even bet on mid-range thinking about long-term updates.

Google Pixel Cassette

Enrique Ortiz, from Madrid, 19 years old, he told us that it was relevant for him that the terminal was updated when he bought it, and as soon as the OTA arrives, the update without hesitation. When I get an update, try to notify me before updating, but sometimes it's true that I give it directly, but I always read what will be updated because I want to be told about the version of Android that has a cellphone. When I go to buy a telephone, I try to be the latest Android version as long as the user who thinks about that version is interested.

Enrique tells us that, even though he updates whenever he can, it is sometimes better to wait to renew, because depending on whether the version is bigger or smaller, the waiting time is better understood.

I think depending on which updates we are talking about, it is relevant or not, because there are some times that can be expected – manufacturers – and put updates even if we have to wait longer. Enrique seems clear that sometimes great late updates are better than small updates that contribute little.

OnePlus 6T

Emmanuel González is 29 years old and living in Barcelona. He told us that he has Google Pixel 2 XL, and one of the things that made him buy it was an update. One of the things that made me choose was the frequency of updates and timeliness, so now you can get an idea of ​​the value that I gave them. The truth is that before updating I never saw the changes it brought.

Emmanuel updates as soon as the OTA arrives. He seems to have been born to live with Google terminals throughout his life.

Seriously updated and updated once I go and I see new things that can be carried. I always want to have the latest changes. Enmmanuel chose Pixel 2 XL to be updated, and it seems like he has reached it.

OnePlus 5G filters designs that make it possible to become an image

Julio Felez is 25 years old, lives in Zaragoza, and has OnePlus X that still stands. I consider it to be one of the most important parts of cell phones today, both for security issues and new functions. My cellphone is OnePlus X, so the updates I have – two if I remember correctly – have arrived later than other phones.

Even though OnePlus X was updated somewhat irregularly, Julio wanted to continue betting on Puro's Android, and had thought about updating the terminal for Xiaomi Mi A2.

As for whether I will check for updates before buying the phone … I have noticed the Xiaomi Mi A2 precisely for Android One and two years of guaranteed renewal. Maybe it's news that Android One won't have two years update Guaranteed taste like a jug of cold water, but we share your point of view completely.

Two different worlds

Xiaomi Play, camera and color

It seems to be clear – even though the server already has some ideas based on some SEO views – that is updates are not important for most users. The stigma that if we update this phone will work worse still exists, and those who are not afraid update They don't seem too friendly with the constant warnings that our operating system sends to be updated, and they finally update practically with obligations. Improvements in performance and interface are not even felt, and users cannot appreciate the work that has been done with this update.

On the other hand, the minimum part of the user has told us that important updates for them, and that can be a determining factor in purchasing. These users are part of the minority who are notified every day about the world technology news, and they are aware of improvements that can bring to renewing our phone to the latest version of Android. Two different worlds that seem to explain why certain producers take so much freedom with the times update, something that does not affect sales or the average user's perception of the company.

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