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UDI "injured" because of cabinet changes: We received a sentence that we did not deserve


President of UDI, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, reiterating the party's frustration with the Government, after he did not consider his militants in the Communist Party cabinet change carried out at night by President Sebastián Piñera.

As different community members comment on, modifications "load" the ministerial team towards National Renewal, because of the four new members, one was a militant (Teodoro Ribera) and two were close to shops located on the streets of Antonio Varas (Jaime Mañalich and Juan Carlos Jobet).

"More than feeling hurt, what happens to us is that it hurts us, because we feel that we receive a punishment that we don't deserve ", said the union guards The second, interview where he stated that "we will be happy to feel loved".

MPs say "we have never fought on charges, it's just about feeling considered. For example, we are eager to work together in the Ministry of Social Affairs. The best person evaluated in the last CEP survey was Joaquín Lavín, and in that direction we wanted to help the Government to install special social stamps for UDI"

"We don't understand what happened or understand why it happened (…) Until now no one has given a good explanation, why did what happened, "the senator persisted.

"We are pragmatic, we take facts as they are, this is what we have", he complained, but he also assured that, despite this setback, "We will continue to support the Government in good things and what we have done to this day. "

On the same line, this morning, Senator UDI Víctor Pérezthat holds First Coffee from Cooperative that "we are waiting for the Government's explanation of that", because – in his opinion – "it cannot be seen as normal that in the turn of the six ministers one party from the coalition has no participation".

"Unfortunate" criticism of Desbordes

From RNMeanwhile, helmsman Mario Desbordes reject the criticism of UDI and argue that "it is not a political quota government", along with questioning that "It seems that UDI loyalty is word of mouth."

Asked about this, Van Rysselberghe commented The second What "This is a very unfortunate phrase and therefore not worthy of receiving comments from me, "aside from putting aside" that there are future problems with RN, because the parties always have differences and we have shown that we are able to overcome them ".

UDI did this Friday a expanded board of directors at Termas de Cauquenes, Region O & # 39; Higgins, where they hope to submit their objections to the cabinet changes to the Minister of Home Affairs, Andrés Chadwick.

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