"U" is entangled by Jeisson Vargas


Marcelo Bielsa said it once, directed the National Team: "Something always happens, Matías!". And the phrase automatically remains synonymous with surprise problems that damage some topics or situations. He spent, first, with Juan Carlos Gaete, who regretted playing at Colo Colo, and now with Jeisson Vargas, which produces more drama than Vale Roth's daily life in front of the possibility of his arrival at "U".

Fox Sports is the media that on Saturday said that the former crusader would be the ninth reinforcer of Frank Kudelka's team, and since then, speculation began because of identification with Catholicism, his visit to the bar, uncertainty for the present. in the Montreal Impact and, of course, the reception will be on "U".

Doubts were intensified, in addition, by an announcement via Twitter from a Canadian club, about pre-season in the United States, where the striker was considered. By the way, in MLS, he played 19 lawsuits and scored 4 goals during 2018. Enough, then, to get to La Cisterna? In the first example, yes, but the arrival is complicated.

Yes No

Yesterday morning, the impact of Montreal itself illuminated Jeisson's future. As such, he published that "the player will not travel with the team to Florida because of the possibility of being loaned to another club." After cardboard, former U-20 players appear at Meds clinics to undergo medical tests before being presented to the university team.

The end of the mystery? Uh, no. It turns out that on Sunday it was discovered that when the crusaders sold Vargas to the Zaputo business group, it was determined that if transferred to Colo Colo or to "U", a very high amount must be paid. Yes, the "combo breaker" for Blue Blue is far more painful than hiring Edson Puch.

For this reason, the board met yesterday to analyze the Vargas case, right when leaving CDA, Johnny Herrera avoided the problem. "That hasn't arrived yet", was the answer when asked about negotiations with the former UC. Nicolás Guerra, meanwhile, shows that Jeisson "is a great player."

Your past

However, nothing ended the problem for the Blues. It happened that the Chuncha Summit not only discussed economic issues, but also identified Vargas with "the periphery" and his reputation as undisciplined. Everyone, remember the last mess between the club and fanatic in blue. "It's the director who talks after the board, not the manager," said Sabino Aguad, sports manager.

The talks were held until the end of this edition, including a quick dialogue between Sergio Gioino, representatives of players, and UC. This, while Jeisson has begun to thrill the transformation to chunchismo. Even in Meds he looked smiling and relaxed, perhaps imagining his debut for former rivals and classics on April 14 at San Carlos.


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