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U. Católica destroyed Antofagasta and secured leadership until the second half

Catholic University shows this Friday why he is a guide 2019 National Championship. The players "crossed" released strong winds in the arch Antofagasta Sports in the last stretch of the duel, apply to 13th, and won a category victory for 5-1 who assured him the mastery of classification until the second semester.

The precordillerana band is disturbed from the start to its rivals. César Pinares and Edson Puch they are the axis of attack and they do not provide a truce to defend a visit at San Carlos de Apoquindo.

The first approach to the goal came after Pinares took advantage of a rebound from Duvier Riascos's shot. Only resistance from goalkeeper Fernando Hurtado prevented UC's initial celebration.

Guards saw how the people on the strip continued to approach. He suffered the threat of a "Comando" shot that rose (10 & # 39;), then gave his fist before the exam Juan Cornejo (14 & # 39;) and got a break when José Pedro Fuenzalida sent a shot that shook the net by an external section (32 & # 39 ;).

When the CDA tried to find space with short passes, Cornejo drained one side for Luciano Aued, the Argentine returned and the former Audax Italiano pulled out a center with poison for Riascos won by air and scored the first (33 & # 39;).

Antofagasta stopped the UC celebration to match soon after. Felipe Flores centers and sends the ball alone Jason Flores, which goes deep into polygons with incredible volleyball (36 & # 39;).

Directed from Gustavo Quinteros they strengthen their arguments and continue with their pressure in the second half.

The claim of "crossing" fell on Judge Cristian Garay by not suing Tomás Asta-Buruaga's hand in the area, but in the next game they got justice. Germán Lanaro Turning corners and Aued seemed to be unbalanced with a shot at the far post (56 & # 39;).

The nortino, who needed points to get out of the final place of the tournament, tried to find Tobias Figueroa to produce danger, but behind the UC was attentive. Eduard Bello He came off the bench to provide a variety of teams, but the Venezuelan player only lasted three minutes on the pitch after a hard goal on Cornejo which made him lose direct red (75 & # 39;).

Even though Hurtado was one of his characters, he could not do much to stop the new rudeness of the place. First Pine forests intercepted the band's changes, ran in search of space and pressed to score with the help of the second post. Three minutes from the end, Diego Buonanotte received an inside pass from Fuenzalida and after removing the keeper he beat the goal. Finally, "Chapa" places fifth when time is running out (90 + 3 & # 39;)

Universidad Católica still does not give points and is consolidated as a championship leader with 31 units, seven Colo Colo and the Spanish Union, although "Cacique" still needs to play Superclásico with Universidad de Chile.

On the other hand, Deportes Antofagasta stays in 14th place with 9 positives, and can fall in the descent zone if U wins tomorrow.

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