Two actors are fired and others expect a 50% salary reduction


Some time ago it was confirmed that the night program "Morandé con Compañía" would live drastic changes before the 2019 season.

The first change made was broadcasting the program only once a week, which showed economic problems that were occurring. And the dismissal immediately happened.

The La Cuarta newspaper launched a bomb which was stopped by two actors the rest will experience a 50% decrease in salary.

Sandra Donoso and Julio Jung Duvauchelle, the life-giving comedians at "El Muro" and other parts of the program, regardless. The latter speaks with the media mentioned above and provides information about the difficult situation he is living.

Sandra Donoso's Instagram

"I think the program has been influenced by changes in days and times that will occur. When they told us that it would only be done once a week, I realized that I could do it without work. I am very happy at Morandé, but television is like that. There are no important people, but just remember the good times and people I met, "he said.

Michael Jordan from Intruders also conveyed information and assured the following: "The logic is that those who follow next year must do it at a lower salary, because they will switch from working two days to only doing one week (…) Some are offered a 50 percent salary cut. And besides faces, there are also those who are injured in the program production team, which will not continue to work in production companies, "he said.


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