Friday , November 22 2019
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TVN faces another black Thursday: around 80 workers are fired

Nearly a month since they were released around 80 officials from various regions, National Television repeated its script on a new day of mass dismissal.

According to sources in the public channel, on this occasion around 80 workers were dismissed from various regions to the station. The worst is that it does not rule out that this number is increasing.

Connoisseurs of the process inside the Bellavista 0990 are convincing The Dynamo that "as before, there are several affected areas and that this is part of the adaptation process where TVN is obliged if we want to ensure a future for public TV".

This news came just a day after Francisco Orrego presented his resignation as president of the TVN board because of differences with the management carried out by Jaime de Aguirre as executive director.

From this example they stated that "we continue to work normally, through our sessions and their respective committees".

"We are confident that the President of the Republic, in using his faculties, will appoint a new President of Chilean National Television, to continue working with him in plans that allow the financial situation to turn around and ensure a stable and strong future to public television in Chile," they added public statement.

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