Turn off sore throats with these drugs


Most of the time when we have a sore throat caused by a viral infection such as flu, even though it's best to go to a doctor, there are foods that can help you feel better.

Whatever the cause of the pain, when the throat becomes rough and difficult for you to swallow, what you least think about is eating, but there are some foods that will even help you relieve pain and strengthen your immune system.

If you accompany a medication previously prescribed by your doctor, with this food you will feel better two-thirds.


Lemon with honey

This is a home remedy that is used most often for generations and this for several reasons, its efficacy helps relieve symptoms such as inflammation and irritation.


Very gentle when swallowing, will not hurt you. It also contains vitamins C, B6 and potassium.

Boiled carrots

These vegetables contain lots of nutrients, help fight sore throats and strengthen the immune system.

chicken soup

The classic grandmother's recipe has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with congestion, shows Report21.

Garlic and shallots

This food is considered a natural antibiotic and is able to fight this type of infection.

Ginger tea

This infusion is characterized by having strong anti-inflammatory actions that help relieve throat irritation.

Now you know that when your throat hurts, you can add your food to these foods.

Prepare delicious soup and tea before going to bed and you will feel much better.


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