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Trump prepares for the next steps against Huawei and ZTE

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A trade war between China and the United States will leave us a new phase, with more barriers for Huawei and ZTE in the north.

This is because, if it's not enough that we just left Meng Wanzhou's case, now Donald Trump has new ink in his pen to issue a new ban on the Chinese brand.

According to a Bloomberg report, executive orders that prohibit operators from using hardware from Huawei and ZTE will be issued, all in the context of the power granted to the president in "national emergency cases," which is what they want to do in this matter.

According to the source, this would prohibit the use of this brand of equipment on American soil, where there are many rural operators who use parts of this Chinese brand to be cheaper.

According to reports that have become very clear, the US government firmly believes that this is a spy brand for China and that citizens are exposed. Everything has been rejected repeatedly by both brands.

Only today, from Huawei conveying a statement from Ken Hu, the rotating president of the company, we submitted everything:

Safety is our top priority and goes beyond everything. The president rotates openly to questions about the possibility of building cyber security assessment centers in places like the United States and Australia, noting that existing centers in the UK, Canada and Germany discuss and reduce the possibility of concern. Huawei has undergone the most stringent reviews and evaluations by regulators and customers, while understanding their concerns and willing to resolve them. However, there is no evidence that our equipment represents a security threat.

Hu reminded the audience that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially clarified that there were no laws requiring companies to install mandatory back doors, and noted that there were context laws that set limits that ensure that companies act according to legal standards. In addition, Ken Hu points out that Chinese law is similar to the United States, which also includes private sector participation in the prevention of terrorism and cyber security promotion.

Huawei remains open to understanding its concerns about openness, transparency and independence, and dialogue about them. Hu said that if there is evidence or evidence of this concern, the government that owns it can share it with telecommunications operators, even if they do not show Huawei or the general public. However, nothing is presented.

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