Total house arrest for five prisoners for attacking police officers


Five of seven prisoners for the aggression suffered by officials of the Carabineros on this Thursday afternoon in Paseo Ahumada subject to preventive measures for total house arrest, after being formalized.

After the intendancy will complain about frustrated murder for Carabineros, abuse of work into the Carabineros and public chaosone of the defendants was warned and the other was released with a monthly preventative signature because he had psychological problems.

MarĂ­a Magdalena Rivera, a lawyer for the People's Defender, explained that "the court did not call for a preventive prison preventive action for all adults detained and temporary assignments for adolescents involved, but unfortunately the law, a brief agenda was empowered to the Public Ministry so that it was interesting verbally they remain in the Gendarmerie detention until the Court confirms or reverses the situation of the requested precaution ",

The 90-day investigation period was decidedwhile police personnel continued the process of finding those responsible for the attack that caused an official to be treated at the Carabineros Hospital.


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