Today's dollar in Chile closed below $ 670 before a surge in copper prices


The exchange rate ended the session with a loss of $ 1.9, while the US currency rose internationally. During that week, the accumulated decline was $ 5.3.

The exchange rate caught good copper dynamics on Friday, ignoring that the dollar in the world reversed losses in the morning and is now heading for the fourth consecutive day.

At the close of the operation in Chile, the US currency was placed for $ 669.5, the lowest level in more than seven weeks, which represents a low of $ 1.9 compared to yesterday's closing. With this, the exchange rate adds a decrease of $ 5.3, in a week, equivalent to 0.79%.

However, on global aircraft, the dollar strengthened. Its international prices, measured through the Dollar Index, mark a slight increase at the moment, deepening profits in the past three days.

In the risky market there are signs of optimism, with the stock market and copper futures rising strongly, but in the world of currencies the results are mixed.

The key to the dynamics of Chile's exchange today is the down payment recorded on the copper market, which appreciated more than 1% today on the London Metal Exchange, scoring a fourth consecutive day with a winning streak.

Enthusiasm has been triggered by reported that the United States would consider eliminating tariffs in China. While this was rejected by the Ministry of Finance, investors saw it as an opportunity to buy, after several signs of a recovery in relations between the two countries.

Power-held trade wars have become one of the main points of pressure for assets that are considered risky, such as emerging stock markets, commodities and currencies, pushing investors into dollars to seek protection.


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