This is how the musical actors Piratas del Caribe experienced an earthquake in La Serena: the event was suspended TV and Show


This Saturday night, musical from Mallplaza Caribbean Pirates must be postponed in the middle, due to a strong 6.7 Mw earthquake that has an epicenter at Tongoy.

The event took place in the city of Jakarta La Serena, so before the call to preventive evacuation From the beaches in the Onemi section, the assistants and actors (with their clothes) must leave the scene and zones near the sea.

The program included faces such as Juanita Ringeling, Nicolás Oyarzún, María Jimena Pereira, Loreto Aravena and Matías Assler, who commented on how they lived through social networks.

"Hello friends of La Serena, the princess is here for evacuation, and I advise you to evacuate too. The program was stopped," Ringeling said in a video posted on his Instagram stories.

"It's a pity to arrive until mid-show, but safety is the most important thing, "he said in another picture as he walked towards the hill.

Actor Matías Assler He was also called to evacuate the coastal area through video, while walking through the streets of La Serena, even with costumes and musical makeup.

The production of the program has not been stated on the possibility of definitive reprogramming or event cancellation. He is expected to do so in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, a call for evacuation was corrected by SHOA, who informed them that there was no risk of a tsunami on the Chilean coast.

You can see the actors' videos below:

Fran Walker

Matías Assler

Juanita Ringeling

Loreto Aravena

Nicolás Oyarzún

Nico Oyarzún | Instagram
Nico Oyarzún | Instagram


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