This is a change from the first update in 2019


This is one of the most important applications in the whole world in terms of mass among users who use their services every day.

As happens every year, applications are updated and thus have improvements to different operating systems.

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First update WhatsApp already available for operating system users iPhone (iOS) in the Apple version 2.19.22. If it's still not, next the link that you can download.

As many as for users Android, waiting will be a little longer, but without despair. The reason why it's not available is because there are features that are not yet available.

What will be the news from WhatsApp?

Group Chat: They already use Android, but now iPhone users will be added. From this update, they will be able to respond personally to messages published in group conversations.

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Multimedia file: The user iPhone can decorate multimedia files with famous ones sticker.

For this, they must enter the editing section in various types of multimedia files.

Touch function: The latest models of the iPhone include it. We talk about "Touch 3D", Which allows you to preview the status of contacts or other actions.

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It should be noted that this function is only for iPhone users ever since Android does not yet have this technology.


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