"They asked for my help to kill him"


A big furor caused the statement of the Dominican actor Andrés García, who assured that singer Luisito Rey asked him to help kill Marcela Basteri, mother of Luis Miguel.

"I will tell you something that has long worried me and I will tell you for the first time, I will not say it fully because I want to think very well, I do not want to make sensationalism wrong about this, I do not need it, "he said in the" Ventaneando "program.

And under this context, he assured that he knew "where Luis Miguel's mother was killed"The actor, although he assured that it was in Spain, did not provide further details.

"I went somewhere with Luis Rey, he took me somewhat, along with one of his brothers and another person, in another country, because of the attitude of the three people. I think that's where the facts happen and I think until then they buried them", Revealed according to La Cuarta's daily slogan.


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