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There were 27 deaths due to dengue fever in Honduras | Person


The death rates from dengue fever in Honduras have alarmed health authorities. "With these three cases confirmed by our laboratory uploading 27 deaths due to severe dengue fever," said Gustavo Urbina, director of the Department of Health's Department of Supervision.

Dengue fever, already considered an epidemic in this country, claimed the lives of children and adults, without distinguishing social classes; however, light emerged for Honduras, because the Taiwanese government worked on vaccines to eradicate four varieties of dengue fever.

Even though Taiwan is a country with advances in medicine, they have not been released from this disease. In 2014 they registered 15,000 cases and in 2015 the number reached 55,000. In this situation, the government conducted an intensive campaign to keep clean populations from their homes to avoid mosquito breeding grounds.

The results were surprising because in 2016 only 744 cases were counted and last year the number had decreased to 543.

"If in Honduras we will take the same model, there won't be so many deaths, unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance from the population." The mayor's office signed an agreement to punish those who did not work together to maintain cleanliness, but that did not work, "said epidemiologist Luis María Pineda

In San Pedro Sula, one of the largest cities in Honduras, 2,487 cases have been registered so far in 2019, contrary to 2018 which counts 907 throughout the year.

Pineda says that a dengue patient in Mario Rivas hospital spends 1,000 plates a day and 5,000 to 10,000 every day for everyone in intensive care.

Willing to collaborate

Chen Shih Chung, Minister of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China, said that Taiwanese people accept willingness to help clean up in their homes and around them and who have succeeded, but the vaccine will benefit thousands of people. .

Chung said that "Taiwan remains committed to improving regional and global health cooperation, sharing its experience and capacity in reforming medical care with countries in need."

"This vaccine will fight four existing dengue varieties, but we are awaiting a license or patent from the World Health Organization to be able to test efficiency first and then make agreements with countries including Central America to fight this disease".

About the disease

Dengue fever, which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, can be fatal in hemorrhagic modalities and has symptoms of high fever, headache, vomiting, and skin rashes.

Health authorities say that Honduran people should not forget that dengue is deadly, and insist that the best antidote is prevention at home.

In addition, they have asked residents to keep clean houses and eliminate dengue mosquito breeding sites.

The Ministry of Health has recommended that residents not treat themselves and, if experiencing symptoms such as fever, muscle aches or joints, vomiting, bleeding or discomfort, go to the nearest health center.

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