There are 40 thousand users affected


The Aguas Cordillera company, through its Twitter account, reports that the company is crippling its drinking water production plants supplied by the Mapocho River because of the detection of foreign objects that cannot be determined originating in channel water.

Because of this situation, the company will conduct emergency cuts in several sectors of the community of Las Condes, Vitacura and Lo Barnechea for customers of Aguas Cordillera starting at 4:00 p.m. today.

The company highlights that water available in the network is not affected by this event and is safe for human consumption.

In addition, they recommend collecting 15 liters of water per person to meet the basic needs of those in the affected perimeter.

Karla Rubilar, Mayor of the Metropolitan Region, told us in a preliminary way that the pollutants would be sulfates and detergents.

Minister of Public Works about reducing supply.

The Minister of Public Works, Juan Andrés Fontaine, referred to the issue at a press conference and reviewed the information provided by Agua Cordillera, where he also assured that "it is not known how long the water cuts will take place."

He also added that in the next few hours there will be more details about possible replacement times, in addition to substances that will contaminate drinking water, where there is talk of sparkling materials.

Mayor Joaquín Lavín published pictures of the affected area on the Mapocho River.

Through his Twitter account, the mayor of one of the affected communes, Joaquín Lavín, shared pictures showing damage not known to Rio Mapocho, which affected the consumption of drinking water for human consumption.

At present there will be 40 thousand customers affected by Andina's Aguas Cordillera / Aguas emergency cuts.

In the picture, the mayor of Las Condes explained that the white spot that can be seen in the photo would be a contamination that activated the company's censorship.


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