The Universidad Católica seeks out against Deportes Antofagasta


Catholic University are measured by aliens Sport Antofagasta this Sunday 15:30 (18:30 GMT) hour a Stadium "Calvo y Bascuñán" on the twenty-eighth day National championship, with the goal of adding three points and thus taking advantage of the competition as the sole point of competition.

The victory over the "pumas" would leave the "crusaders" one step by tapping the thirteenth star, you can even lift your trophy up to the end of the race if your closest rivals, Chilean University and Concepción University, Do not join the next duel.

The strategist's only doubt Beñat San José the "edge" shaping the attacker, as he did not decide to co-exist Sebastián Sáez will play Andrés Vilches or César Munder.

In addition, a Mercury, the Spanish technician could have left Luciano Aued from the starting line for a debate that they were kept in practice on Thursday and replaced them Raymond Rebolledo

Thus, the possible alignment of UC includes: Matthias Dituro; José Pedro Fuenzalida, Germán Lanaro, Benjamin Kuscevic, Stefano Magnasco; Ignacio Saavedra, Aued (Rebolledo), Marcos Bolados, Diego Buonanotte; Vilches (Munder) and Sáez.

On the other hand, the Northeast Michael Lepe and goalkeeper Eduard Bello, while Bruno Romo suspended with yellow accumulation.

Guided by them Gerardo Ameli they go to court Paulo Garcés; Paulo Magalhaes, Tomas Astaburuaga, Cristian Rojas, Francisco Sepulveda; Oscar Hernández, Gonzalo Villagra, Augusto Barrios, Pablo Becker, Jeison Flores; and Rodrigo Contreras.

Between the duel Sport Antofagasta and the Catholic University you choose: Eduardo Gamboa and track it Outdoor is Cooperativa and the is a virtual marker.


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