Friday , October 22 2021

"The squad sleeps in the 2015 title victory"


Gustavo Huerta (61) knows Cobresal perfectly. He defended him as a player in the 80s and was assumed to be a coach in 1991, then returned in 2004. And yes, he returned to El Salvador. They went looking for it last year to avoid dropping to Second (strictly speaking, the third category) and doing it. Now he struggles to return to the Primera in the hands of his most decisive player, Ever Cantero.

He was excited after an epic comeback against Wanderers.

That match led us to that, to celebrate with everything. We played against big rivals and running time, but the results were not profitable. Finally we were able to reverse the results of Valparaiso and it was clear that made us live with great joy at the end.

In discounts, do you imagine this situation?

The truth is no. We don't create opportunities, even though we dominate, but don't have clarity. We are also tired. A ball stopped giving us 3-1 and thought they were ready for a penalty. Then we scored again. Everything is given in a few minutes and it leads to a very few situations.

Is Cobres a miracle team?

I don't know what a miracle is. What, at Cobresal, costs everything. I arrived last year and the team will go down to Segunda, with six dates to go. We are able to reverse that and this year we have been in first place throughout the year. In El Salvador some people lived, some arrived at the stadium and there were several fans scattered throughout the country. Cobresal is a team that values ​​the work of players and coaches for all who are here.

Now Cobreloa has come to continue dreaming …

This will be a difficult match. Cobreloa is a team with extraordinary history that supports it and with many experienced players. He is also very strong at home, because he has many people behind and adds that he has no clothes.

Do the two mining groups have the advantage of being the first?

At the public table they are finished with one more point than us. Profits are shared, we have been very organized and we did a very good first round. They are upside down, they are not good in the first part, but then yes. The benefits of going up are for both.

They have great first wheels and then they rot. What happened there?

Suddenly it was difficult to maintain order in 30 dates. We lost very important players, like Cantero. The second stage is practically not playing and any team escapes their goalscorer. I thought that everything we produced for Cantero in the first round could not be done in the second half.

How have you evaluated your work so far?

It is difficult to talk about that, here the advantages are the players and it also relies heavily on the facilities provided by the club to develop the project. I arrived at a very complicated stage; actually, I don't know whether the club will survive if it gets to Second. I feel involved in the extraordinary recovery and campaign that we experienced this year.

There were several players from the historic Cobresal title. How important are they at a time like this?

Not only those pillars. Here there are great players, who also contribute a lot. There is a base of experienced people mixed with young people who have given results. When I arrived last year, I felt that the campus was sleeping with regards to the 2015 title. They did not realize the bad times of the club and themselves. The sway is presented and has affected a good campaign.

You criticize what happened to Fernando Díaz. Did he leave the Chilean technician in a bad way?

We leave a very bad picture of what is meant by the College of Technicians. Assuming management, after seeing the technician go and think of me, it looked ugly. People may not know what happened to the internship, but it is ugly that the president of the College of Technicians is looking for a coach out to take over. He spoke very badly about the situation.

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