The Red Women won a historic victory against Australia Sports


The historic win gets Chilean women's team previous Australia, in a friendly match played Penrith, near Sydney.

The Chileans managed to force it 3-2 before the previous ocean table 2019 French World Cup, Manage to beat one of the best teams in the world, which is located at sixth place FIFA rankings.

The purpose of José Letelier's squad was his job Francisca Lara (20 & # 39;), Carla Guerrero (48 & # 39;) and Yessenia Huenteo (90 & # 39;), while the one from the place ran on behalf of Emily Van Egmond.

Who is meant by that fight Yanara Aedo, that through social networking they shared their joy and congratulated their colleagues with three photos of the meeting.

"With them, fight and everywhere! We continue to dream together, thank you !! white, red and blue UNTIL VÉRTEBRAS LAS! ", he wrote in the caption.

The match replay will take place this Tuesday, at 5:30 a.m. from Chile, at the McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle.


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