The prosecutor's office requested to review Ruta 5 Sur's camera by stoning a bus that caused a woman to be injured in Ercilla National


The Public Ministry requested a revision of the Route 5 South security camera image in Ercilla, where new attacks with stones were registered on the results bus a 75-year-old woman was injured in her head.

After 8:00 p.m. this Sunday in the Chamichaco sector, at 590 kilometers, foreigners pelted a moving bus from the Biobío region towards Temuco, causing a slight injury to the woman, who had been moved. and was present at the Victoria hospital and then dismissed.

The bus makes special travel products from the San Sebastian religious festival, where 32 other passengers travel inside. No more injuries were recorded, but there was damage to the vehicle window.

This is the second event with similar characteristics in the Ercilla commune, since November 21 the driver of the Jet Sur company, Hector Carrasco, 33, lost his right eye after receiving the impact of a rock.

According to Radio source Bío Bío, the Public Prosecutor requested a review of security cameras installed on the highway, bearing in mind that the events were recorded in broad daylight and, according to witness records, they saw a group of people in this sector.

As indicated, they would become minors and it was assumed that it would be an act of destruction, because there were no pamphlets or protests at that place.


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