The price of the PlayStation Classic dropped dramatically


That's the premiere PlayStation Classic It was truly a disaster because a long list of factors is no secret. Sony has not managed to rise with the solvency of classic console consoles in miniature and now they are trying to solve it by drastically lowering platform prices worldwide.

From the suggested initial price of € 99.99 the console has dropped to an average of € 55 in half the world. In stores like the Amazon Spain you can find around € 58 at the moment and it looks like it's not a reduction for the Christmas holidays, but something is needed to increase the flow of units sold.

If the PlayStation Classic effect never affects you as much as the initial price, now you might want to use it to add it to your collection and spend the Christmas holidays reviewing some classics.

In a report published earlier last month, we told you what we liked and what we didn't like about the new nostalgia launched by Sony.

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