The phrase José Feliciano is confusing the audience at the Olmué Festival | TV and Show


Friday night is the second day Olmué Festival which began with an extraordinary presentation of singer-songwriters José Feliciano, which made the audience sing with their greatest success.

However, there are moments that attract the attention of viewers and twitter, in the midst of their performances.

While completing the interpretation of the classic song Because I have to forget you, sung by all El Patagual, the singer changed the lyrics for "Because I have to forget you, Hey Cabrona!
if i love you "

Although the public at this time does not seem to pay attention to his words, on social networks they do it and it is one of the most commented topics that night.

Some users ask for an explanation in this matter and feel annoyed with the language used to refer to a woman when there is a struggle to respect and end violence against women. While other netizens said that it was a simple expression that did not cause feelings of hurt.

Remember that Puerto Rico leads settings with an online rating of 15.1 points between 10:30 p.m. and 23:38 p.m., even surpassing the 14.8 rating points that yesterday marked Chico Trujillo. Chilevisión has 11.1 units, Channel 13 4.4 and Mega 7.9 points.

Meanwhile, the Huaso Festival in Olmué on the second night earned an online average of 14.4 points between 22:00 and 2:21, Chilevisi remained with 8.3, Channel 13 with 4.1 points. and Mega 7.1. This means that the adjustment is almost two points from last year.


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