The PDI arrested fraudsters who claimed to have received millions of pensions


Investigation police arrested a man who arrested foreign workers quoting in Chile to offer them an early retirement from their pensions, to deceive them.

According to preliminary information, to determine fraud, the defendant indicated that they would lose the money quoted if they left the country and did not have a professional or technical degree.

Then, it is presented in the Santiago notary with false documents to be able to make final management in AFP and thus withdraw money and save it.

"Yesterday, a diligence was carried out which was based on a complaint made by a notary from a notary in Santiago, given that an Ecuadorian citizen appeared to validate several other notary office documents," said the inspector. from PDI Juan José González.

"The aim of this subject is to enforce certain requirements of Law 18.156, which foreigners must be able to withdraw pension funds," Gonzalez said.

"When conducting consultations and investigations, it is possible to find the defendant, an Ecuadorian national, who has submitted these documents, continuing the same arrest," the detective added.

The man was arrested on charges of committing crimes of forgery and malicious use of personal instruments.


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