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The official website of Marvel confirms the popular theory about Loki

Loki is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Studios films. After the six original Avengers, Tom Hiddleston's character is one of those who has more appearance in a cohesive universe, so that life, death, and resurrection have been the subject of various theories.

One of the main speculations around Loki became popular after the premiere The Avengers, Posing like that is a deception of God He was actually mentally controlled during the film's events.

However, during the delivery of the next MCU, there is no concrete evidence to support the theory, reducing the approach to the area of ​​conjecture and speculation that is abundant in these types of films.

However, now Loki's version of the biography on Marvel's official website confirms that Loki did not fully control his actions so far The Avengers.

The quote from Loki's biography recalls how the character survived his death which appeared at the end of Thor's first film by noting that "when he arrived at Sanctuary through a wormhole caused by Bifrost, Loki met The Other, ancient extraterrestrial ruler Chitauri and Thanos . "

So far everything is a known story that ended in revenge against Thanos and Loki's death at the beginning Avenger: Infinity War, but theoretical confirmation comes in the second part of the description.

"By presenting the god of deception of power over his brother's favorite kingdom, Earth, Thanos asked him to return Teseracto," said the biography. "Endowed with a baton that acts as a mind control tool, Loki can influence others. But, without realizing it, the scepter also affected him, triggering his hatred of his brother Thor and the inhabitants of the Earth. "

That is, during all events The Avengers, Loki acts under the influence of a royal bat which contains jewel of mind. The object had an influence on him when Loki used it with Hawkeye and Erik Selvig to help him realize the Chitauri invasion.

The idea that Loki could be under such influence was put forward by Thor in the film, especially when in his first meeting with Loki he asked "Who controls the king that should be? " Intrigued by Loki's claim about the power of Tesseract and the world he did not imagine.

Also remember that the scepter was given to Loki by The Other, who at one point in the film used it to contact him and threatened him that he would be tortured if he failed to conquer Earth.

In that sense, description did not specify if central influence was considered part of Thanos's plan or this is the effect of collateral from the proximity of the jewel that no one takes into account, like what happened with Bruce Banner in the same The Avengers.

Anyway, the renewal of Loki's biography doesn't seem to be a coincidence, remember that character right away will have its own series on Disney + streaming and also, according to filtered photos Avenger: Endgame will return to the Battle of New York from The AvengersWhere Loki will have a new appearance.

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