The number of deaths due to the hanta virus in Argentina rose to 13


Concern is on Argentina for fatal increase in hepatitis virus, which rose to 13 this Saturday, after an intensive woman died in the city of Chubut.

According to the latest report from Chubut Ministry of Health – in southern Argentina – a 49-year-old woman died after being intensively treated after being infected by virtus.

In Chubut 11 of the 13 deceased were concentrated since the beginning of the outbreak in early December and two others recorded in the provinces of Entre Ríos (northwest) and Salta (north), but by various types of viruses.

Too, there are three other confirmed cases in the provincetwo of which are in intensive care, in addition to a patient being observed.

Disease transmitted through contact with urine, saliva and / or feces of infected mice with a virus and for transmission between people it is necessary to have close contact with the patient in the initial period of the fever image, which lasts from the first 48 to 72 hours.

The Argentine government has stated that they are suspicious Hantavirus outbreak is a "mutation", because" transmission between humans "can be given and they call for caution the patient experiences a very serious condition, because this outbreak registered deaths of more than 40 percent.


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