The new modern entomology laboratory was inaugurated Person


The new modern entomology laboratory was inaugurated

With an investment of 1.5 million córdobas, the Government inaugurated on Tuesday, a modern laboratory within 24 hours will be ready for vector disease diagnosis.

Raúl Úbeda, who was responsible for Silais Epidemiology, explained that the research and diagnostic center would process and relieve samples for dengue, chikungunya, zika, leptospirosis and even samples for HIV processing.

The laboratory has a section to deal with related to entomology and parasitology that will function for analysis to detect, for example, if the patient is affected by malaria.

He points out that entomology studies mosquitoes and their differentiation into species, for example, mosquitoes that transmit mountain leprosy.

Insects that transmit sleeping sickness or Chagas disease, which are insects or vinchuca, are also studied.

"This is the main function that our laboratory will have and this will reduce the burden on national laboratories and this helps us have the right diagnosis for our population like Silais Managua," the doctor said.

"All selected patients suffer from any illness that I mentioned, will have a diagnosis within 24 hours," said the doctor who remembers that the health care network covering more than 24 hospitals and thank you "for the support of our Government has obtained this regional laboratory for the first time. "

The new laboratory will have the capacity to process 50 samples every day.

The laboratory will work for 9 hours a day and in emergency situations for serious cases "we have coordination with the National Reference Diagnostic Center which will process samples if patients have serious illnesses".

He clarified that financing 1.5 million córdobas was what was allocated to improve the research center's infrastructure. With regard to instruments and equipment, costs of more than 100,000 dollars were donated by the Ministry of Health.

The laboratory will work in the serology department with two licensed bioanalysts in that specialization and in the laboratory section of malaria (entomology) a biologist, two bioanalysts, a technician in bioanalysis, and two technicians in entomology work.

Bismarck Vallecillo, head of the ETV (vector transmission disease) program Silais Managua said that families will have more immediate attention and samples from health units and hospitals will be read soon.

Before the sample reading took "because we did not have conditions or laboratories or adequate capacity, but now it will be done in less time and the staff has been trained to provide rapid response".


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