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The name and strength of the new villain is known

While Dragon Ball Super: Broly continued its first success, the manga from the franchise continued to advance in this new story arc. In the latest publication chapter is that name announced, as well as the power of new criminals.

According to the translation of the manga made by @GovetaXV, a new villain will be called Moro. Remember that until now only the images are known through the publication page, but without providing details.

In addition, in the latest edition, a part of the villain's story is revealed, showing that 10 million years ago, Moro caused chaos in the entire galaxy with its strength. As can be seen, because most chapters focus on showing the battle with old Kaio, he can use comets to attack and His strength allows him to finish off the entire planet absorbing all of his vital energy, a technique similar to Genius, but absorbs all the vital energy of living things whether they want to give it or not.

Again, he can only be defeated after Sacred Kaio-Shin uses a secret technique, which allowed him to be arrested and imprisoned by the Galactic Patrol. Nevertheless, He was sentenced to life in prison, because no one had the power to kill him. With the passage of time, Moro regained his strength which enabled him to escape from prison.

In addition, the manga chapter shows the beginning of Goku and Vegeta as new members of the Galactic Patrol, received orders from Merus, soldiers who came to Earth to capture Majin Buu to free Kaio which was absorbed thousands of years ago.

This chapter also shows how Goku and Vegeta went to their first mission as part of the Galactic Patrol to culminate with Goku detecting Ki Moro, who seems to be aware of this.

Image: dragonballsuper-france.fr

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