The man was sentenced to femicide for life in prison at the Antofagasta clinic National


The trial of the Oral Criminal Examination (TOP) of Antofagasta was condemned José Manuel Rojas Escobar for eternal prison sentences, as a femicide criminal from Lorena Elizabeth Carrasco Aguilera in April 2017, and ordered that biological samples from those sentences be included in the national list of prisoners.

With a unanimous decision Judges Marcela Mesías Toro, Llilian Duran Barrera and Marcela Nilo Leyton, submitted an application to Rojas Escobar for absolute disqualification of public and office positions and political rights and absolute disqualification for the titular profession, in addition to payment of the costs of the cause.

On April 3, 2017, Rojas attended with his partner for "family mediation for the frustrated food, they moved to his car to the ophthalmologist clinic located at No. 1 Condell Street. 2076 in this city, where the defendant worked, knew that at that time he had no occupants ".

Where the cursed person "takes the victim from his arm with his back to him and uses the superiority of his strength with one of his arms He pressed his neck (…) spins until he is above his body, and in that position he continues to press it tightly until he is killed shortly due to suffocation. "


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