Saturday , October 23 2021

The house was cleaned for Thanksgiving and there was a lottery ticket winning $ 1,800,000


A married couple from New Orleans, Louisiana, who want their home to be properly arranged to welcome guests at their Thanksgiving dinner are now more than grateful for cleaning it, because they found a 1.8 million dollar winning lottery ticket. dollars on the bedside table.

The Louisiana Lottery Commission said in a statement that if Harold and Tina Ehrenberg, residents of Mandeville, had found the ticket two weeks later, it was too late to celebrate luck.

Thanksgiving Lottery
Louisiana Lottery Corporation

The winning number comes from the Lotto game draw on June 6, and prizes must be claimed within a maximum period of 180 days.

With state and federal tax deductions, the pair was left with a check of around 1.3 million dollars. Ehrenberg said they would save the money to retire.

"We have no plans to go crazy buying or making a big trip," said Tina. "The funniest thing is we will deposit the check!" Harold added.

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The winning number for the June 6 Lotto draw is 03-07-30-31-35-38.

The ticket is sold at a shop in Metairie and gets a bonus of around $ 18,000.

And what happened to the winner of $ 1,600 million?

After it was announced that there were 1,600 million dollar winning tickets that accumulated Mega Millions, the lottery was still waiting for the winner to appear, WLTX television reported.

Lottery officials confirmed that tickets purchased at a store in Simpsonville, South Carolina, reached six lottery numbers on October 23.

After the monumental number taken by the winner, the lottery urged him to sign a ticket, leave it in a safe place and seek financial advice or a lawyer.


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