The future is beyond & # 39; U & # 39; Blue Blue will decide not to renew Johnny Herrera's contract Soccer


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This is one of the benchmarks University of Chile, but his future is doubtful. Johnny Herrera I will undergo moments of uncertainty for the next year, before the revisions that leaders will make continuity.

According to El Mercurio, inside Blue Blue was not satisfied with the criticism the goalkeeper threw at the organization within the club, like he made on Tuesday.

"Decisions are made that don't take you to a good port. They fired the squad, they changed coaches, there were internal discussions. We were there, struggling to win the title, but maybe it was a big prize for the bad year we had institutionally "was one of the arrows the goalkeeper threw, pointing to a table led by Carlos Heller.

These will be questions that will lead to the manager was willing to allow Herrera to leave the club before the end of the contract, repaired for December 2019. Of course, they will see avoid being the one who has to make the decision to sever the ties of one player with more adhesion from the fans.

What has been defined is that the leadership does not consider renewing the goalkeeper's contract, who admitted that it would not be strange to exit & # 39; U & # 39 ;. "One is bored with ignorance about the club. When a relationship like that, someone chooses to look the other way. I have a small contract left and I hope to finish it as best I can. Or if not, go quietly to another place where I am happiest"He said, in a context where the future is not clear and can be far from the blues.


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