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The former GOPE said the lawyer who prepared the fake version claimed to have spoken to Hermes Soto | National

Former Carabineros officer Patricio Sepúlveda, one of those accused of killing Camilo Catrillanca, said that Cristián Inostroza, a lawyer from the agency accused of obstructing the investigation, had a telephone conversation with former Director General Hermes Soto when he faked. the first version was delivered by police officers involved in the incident.

"Of all the calls I received, on two occasions when I talked to him, I He said that General Soto I called him. I don't remember days or times. There are other people who seem to hear him speak, that's what I know, "said the former police officer to La Tercera.

Exuniformado assured that Inostroza they told him the facts when they happened, and there they received an order to lie. "The instruction was sent by lawyer Inostroza, Authorized and ordered by Major Valdivieso. They told us to say that it was a confrontation and passed the shooting limit and that we only made blurry shots and no one walked with the camera. When I listen, I remain silent and obey orders. Alarcon tells them to tell the truth, which will be known. Later that day the truth will come out, that's when Major Valdivieso notifies Alarcón & # 39; you want to go to jail, & # 39; "he said.

Hermes Soto

In addition, he revealed that Carlos Alarcón, who was accused of firing a bullet that killed Comunero, refused to lie in the first instance. "We all never agree, but it is orders and orders fulfilled. We don't have a better suggestion, someone with experience. It was stupid and we did not know how to react to the opposition, we were in a state of shock, faced with a traumatic or frightening and very stressful event, that our thoughts prevented us from reconsidering, thinking, we were somewhat hindered, "he said.

Sepúlveda is the person who delivered the procedure video and, in the interview, explained why it took one month to publish it. "I always want to show them. I do not know what to do. I am very confused and everything gets complicated. I don't have a lawyer, that information can't fall into anyone's hands, "he said.

"I said it when we could find a lawyer, and my lawyer looked at them and asked to learn before making a decision." For reasons already known, my lawyer at the time left the case and I was left without a lawyer. When the lawyer was handling this case, he said that we had to tell him the whole truth and I told him about this recording, he also asked to review them and then he sent him to the prosecutor's office, where the prosecutor quoted me the same day to testify, "he added.

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