The famous Google Maps application starts warning radar on the road


Currently not available for all users, only for those who choose this application. In this way, the driver will know from this application when he approaches a controlled area to reduce speed.

In the last few days the national media has offered this news as an advance for drivers who use Google Maps to guide their trips in our country. From now on, it seems that the famous Google giant application will start warning the area where the radar is located, so they will warn the driver when to reduce speed.

According to information offered by Android Police, this possibility is not active openly for all users, but in the first stage this will be the Google Maps application itself which will implement this service to users of your choice.

So, from now on, besides showing how to go from one place to another or how to avoid congestion with alternative routes, this application will warn when the driver has to adjust his speed to a certain part or concrete point where he is on a fixed radar.

PHOTO: Google Maps shows a fixed speed camera | Android Police


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