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The famous before and after dancers who overcome anorexia: the diet is to drink 9 cups of coffee Life


English girl Megan Brewer is the protagonist of the story common among teens who are looking for a perfect body. He suffered for years anorexia, a disease that made him fall into depression and see his dreams cut off. In the last few days, he opened to tell how he had managed to overcome his problem.

The girl is now 22 years old and He suffered from this eating disorder since childhood, when he wants to be a ballet dancer and do everything possible to feel the light on the stage.

Brewer said that his whole life was dedicated to doing a lot of physical exercise, but he could never complete a good diet. The diet consists of consuming nine cups of coffee a day.

Daily Letter
Daily Letter

The girl told the Daily Mail that her obsession with the body and calories He started at the age of eight. At that moment he saw a lot in the mirror and cried if the shadow he was reflecting was not in accordance with his wishes.

"My parents were very interested in sports and healthy living, what I learned and took it to extremes. I remember that I was upset with unhealthy foods from an early age, it made me sick to eat chips or pizza," he said.

Megan described anorexia as "demon" and began to realize that she suffered when she watched her face "Gray and emaciated". For years he tried to hide it, until one day his father saw him take off his clothes and pay attention to his appearance. "He started crying in front of me," he said.

Daily Letter
Daily Letter

It was in 2017, at the age of 21, when he decided to enter a clinic that specializes in disorders, to overcome this disease.

"At first I was an outpatient, but it didn't work, so I stayed in the clinic all week. We ate and several therapy groups, I could go home on weekends," he said.

Today he showed that he was healthy and had overcome this disorder, adding that he was still dedicated to dancing, but in a very healthy manner and maintaining a balanced diet.

"Eating disorders are not about weight. People need to educate themselves to be able to support others. This is mentality and food and weight is only a symptom of how much you are controlled by your internal voice, "he concluded.

Daily Letter
Daily Letter

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