The face of the president of the Metro after Piñera erroneously announced the construction of Line 10


This Tuesday morning, president Sebastián Piñera was accompanied by Transport minister Gloria Hutt and president of the Meter Louis de Grange, inaugurate new Line 3 Metro de Santiago, the connecting to the communes of La Reina and Quilicura.

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The route of authority, which also includes mayors and members of parliament, starts at Parque Almagro station and ends at Los Libertadores, where the ceremony was held.

Before the tour began, the president spoke with the media present, where announced the construction of new lines 7, 8 and 9.

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However, at that moment The president made a mistake, because he also announced Line 10, the design is not in the folder.

The special thing about the declaration is the face imposed by the president of Metro, who realize that the information submitted is wrong.

The image has been naturalized on social networks, making it the new "Piñericosa" of the president.


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