The emotional visit of Benja Vicuña and China Suárez to children who were hospitalized: he ended happily Social networking


Benjamín Vicuña and CHina Suárez used their stay in Chile to provide fun to children who were treated in the Surgical Unit at the Children's Hospital of Roberto del Río.

The famous couple arrived on location on Monday on Christmas Eve to share with mothers of children struggling to recover and give them some presents.

During the tour, Benjamin and the trans-Andean girl were very excited.

"We have accompanied officials to undergo different Christmas, which are committed to the recovery and dreams of children. I am happy to accompany and see the hopes of so many parents and their children, to go home, to improve and progress. This is good for children in recovery and officials, who are true heroes, "he said at the time, according to 24-hour delivery.

For his part China Suarez said: "We must look sideways, not ignore. There are people who suffer in ignorance and that someone with a small movement can change many things."

On that occasion, and according to what was seen in the notes shared by the mayor de Independencia, Gonzalo Duran on his Instagram account, appreciated how the Argentine actress could not hold back tears after touring the place.


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