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The driver spoke witness to the attack on the teachers at Ercilla before the death of Catrillanca: I saw robbery | National

The school transportation driver, from the initials F.R.S.S, is one of the witnesses of the attack suffered by a group of teachers from the Santa Rosa School in Ercilla, the area of ​​La Araucanía, which was later released in the murder of Camilo Catrillanca.

These same people are people who, on November 14, condemned the robbery at the Carabineros after seeing all the facts through line 133 at around 4:00 a.m.

Now, according to La Tercera, this version is known after one month and a series of revelations.

F.R.S.S is the driver of a school van from the same Santa Rosa School where the teachers were attacked. According to the man, the day of the incident was a special day.

"That day, the van showed brake failure when looking for children in the community. So, that day there were no classes at the school where the teachers were attacked. The director accompanied me to Ercilla to find a teacher, the only one in the district. , and because he wasn't there, we are back", Remember the driver, according to the media.

"I continued to wait for the mechanics who came from Temuco, but the director told me to go and meet the teacher on the road, so I took advantage of the fact that they would pursue them. They were in the caravan," he added.

"They go to their homes, one to Ercilla, the other to Victoria and the other to Collipulli. When they circled the mountain on the road, because the road was very bad, small cars, when they were lower, turned around the hill. Then, on the back of the hill, they reached for it", According to the newspaper.

In that sense, the driver commented that the cars they were using were: Chevrolet Sail, Great Wall (not showing models) and Nissan March.

"They were there aggressively throwing them, them and the children. The cars locked them in front with branches and barbed wire. When I arrived at the place where I was trying to go help them, I went down, but it was clear I saw the aggressiveness of the people who walked with axes in their hands and with rifles cut off. I tried to go there, they shouted at me & grab the egg from there (for your car), conchetumadre & # 39;, and when they told me the second time, I turned and pulled it aside, and they started, "the driver said, adding that at least he saw two hooded men.

As for questions from the political and national community about the possibility of the assembly in this attack, the driver firmly said no.

"If I thought it was a montage? No. I, who worked there, knew how it was (…) There were many people who thought so stupid and didn't even know what was happening. I saw the teachers affected and the children crying. I saw the theft, no one would tell me otherwise "he said.

"Now, the Carabineros run their hands and do bad things; it's something else," he finished.

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