The debut of Karen Doggenweiler's new program is imposed on the Blood Pact ranked | TV and Show


This Tuesday he made his debut La Huincha, this program is looking for humorous talents that lead Karen Doggenweiler and it succeeded with public channels because it succeeded in increasing TVN's first audience and becoming the first trend on social networks.

Between 10:35 p.m. and 10:40 p.m. La Huincha online rankings averaged 8.1 points, increasing TVN's tuning more than 3 points compared to last Tuesday (4.8 points).

Also, when competing with teleserie Blood Testament, between 22:35 and 23:31, the TVN program is a winner with a Online rankings averaged 8.4 points while Canal 13 obtained 7.4 units.

On social networks, the #LaHuinchaTVN label also became the first trend on Twitter, leaving the title obtained by 13th night fiction.

This program has a jury for Eduardo Ravani, Francisca Merino and Alvaro Salas which also produced hundreds of comments on Twitter and managed to become a trend. Actor Rodrigo Salinas also laughed at interpreting the security guard who spoke with the participants removed at the end of his presentation.

Sign in La Huincha the participants must go up on the moving platform while presenting their routines in two minutes before the jury who chooses to pass or not to the next stage. If they meet the requirements, they must face a duel to choose winners from each chapter who go directly to Galas where they play the option to appear at the Olmué Festival and Talca Independence Party.

The first chapters deal with the casting stage and will be broadcast until Friday at primetime time. Next week, meanwhile, galas elimination which will have two weekly broadcasts will begin.


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