Thursday , October 21 2021

The controversial airline's algorithm calls for more families to sit together


Sad and regrettable They identify family ties and additional fees apply when choosing a chair.

Margot James, Minister of State for the Digital and Creative Industries of the United Kingdom, has made an unfavorable announcement: airlines will charge more for families to travel together on flights.

Remarkably because of its appearance, airlines will take advantage of the fact that this problem is not set to identify when a family is traveling and to apply additional fees when choosing their seat. If they don't pay, they are far away.

The minister described the algorithm as a code "to deceive the general public." This is mentioned in the Independent UK report:

Some airlines have formed an algorithm to identify passengers with the same last name who travel together. They have the courage to share passengers, and when families want to travel together, they will be charged more.

Passengers began to notice that they were separated from their families if they had not paid more for seats since June 2017, even though the conflict became relevant this year. The Ryanair airline is one of the eyebrow authorities, even though they deny it.

In a survey of 4,296 people, he found that the separation was more frequent when flying with Ryanair: 35 percent of respondents were separated and chose not to pay extra money.

According to the same media, this issue will be examined by the Data Ethics and Innovation Center, launched by the government this week, to identify and deal with areas where clearer guidelines and regulations are needed on how customer data is used. .

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