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Recently we have seen the Apple movement which, although unusual, has its logic. The company has set resell iPhone SE in the United States even months after officially removing it from the range available in the store. Not that he returned to produce it: he wanted to remove from all his shops all the telephone stock that sold it at a very reduced price.

Apple killed two birds with one stone: an old terminal store that was empty and also sold more units of the iPhone (which is exactly what you need now). And there is no doubt that the iPhone SE for less than 300 dollars / euro is a good offer, but Is buying an iPhone SE something smart now? As always, the answer depends on several factors.

For now, we have the premise that the movement has gone well. The stock is up as reported from MacRumors, so sales must be getting stronger. And even though this operation has been carried out in the United States, I can confirm from my own experience that there are official distributors who still sell iPhone SE in Spain at a discount. And don't sell too bad to say, there are even times when I see the iPhone 6s model still selling today (Amazon has it by Apple's official channel for € 331.99).

The perfect phone … for certain needs

New iPhone 2

At present, iOS 12 is supported on many generations of the iPhone even reaching the iPhone 5s. There is a reason for this: this is the first model of the iPhone, the chip works in a 64-bit environment. The iPhone SE chip is two generations above the iPhone 5 chip, so in terms of compatibility I think we can calm down. Bad, iOS 13 can leave iPhone 5s and 6/6 Plus, but in Cupertino they maintain the lifespan of the iPhone and SE models are widely used. In short: I don't think iPhone SE is no longer compatible with iOS 13.

But of course, one lime and one sand … if we put a long-term view it is possible that iPhone SE (or iPhone 6s that carries the same chip) and stop being compatible with the latest version of iOS (iOS 14 in 2020, for example) . It's not something seriousbut it is something that must be taken into account depending on what you want to do with the telephone.

You can't buy an iPhone SE and hope you can play Fortnite at 60Hz, or demand iOS 14 to work for you

In other words: if your intention with the iPhone is to provide general and rather basic usage (checking emails, messages like WhatsApp, surfing the internet …), then the iPhone SE is the perfect model because you don't have too many requests. But if you want to make sure you can use all the news that Apple will launch from now on, You have to think of a newer generation iPhone. Augmented reality function, advanced game …

You can't buy an iPhone SE and wait, for example, to play Fortnite at 60Hz or ask iOS 14 to work for you on the grounds that "the phone was only one year old and Apple had told me that it was outdated"You might buy an iPhone SE now, but remember that this phone has a chip that was launched in spring 2016. And that, measured in terms of technology, is old.

I want to emphasize that If you want to use it fundamentally, the iPhone SE is the ideal cellphone and you don't need to hesitate to buy it. It's also the perfect cellphone to enter the Apple ecosystem and see how it works iCloud and iOS. You just need to remember that this is not a cellphone that will have a long-term system update, which you may not be able to update in two years.

We leave you with the analysis made by our Xataka partner from iPhone SE, though remember: this is a 2016 analysis.


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