The actress "Hidden Truth" finally revealed the picture of a pregnant belly from Rocío


Teleserie's "Hidden Truth" will begin a new cycle and all show that he is very moved and with too much tension.

Leonardo will almost be aware of his revenge, because Amelia's identity is revealed, as well as the fact that he is the one who hit Laura.

Another prominent character is Rocio, the character played by Camila Hirane and will find herself pregnant, despite the fact that the loyal followers of the TV series say that "she has been pregnant for 6 months and she has no stomach".

But this comment ended after the actress published a picture where her pregnancy condition was finally seen, showing a large stomach.

"There I am a lump! # Rocío #VerdadesOcultas", wrote a translator on his Instagram post where he received more than 22 thousand "likes".

But the comments alluded to the previous situation, where it was shown by several clear non-pregnancy episodes.

"Until the clot comes out"; "Finally … I was around 15 months pregnant and I didn't even see anything"; "Flat stomach and know until the sex of the bus hahaha"; "Finally appeared! Tomás is original!" And "Hahahahaha, thank God that Rocío left Guatita … he was pregnant about 6 months and without Guatita", only a few messages.

Here you can see the picture:


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