Tesla will give Models 3 and 250 thousand dollars to anyone who successfully hacked a car | Technology


If you are one of those who are thinking of changing your vehicle, and want to have a Tesla model, the following will interest you.

This company was founded by billionaires Elon Musk announce a contest whose prize is not less than 250 thousand dollars (167 million pesos Chile) plus a Model 3, which is worth 59 thousand dollars (40 million pesos).

This is a five-seat electric model that has become a South African hard worker.

Of course, when the Bloomberg site collects, standing as a winner won't be an easy task, because anyone who wants to take it must hack the car operating system during cyber security events. Pwn2Own, which will be held between March 20 and 22 in Vancouver, Canada.

Mark Ralston | Agence France-Presse
Mark Ralston | Agence France-Presse

In particular, interested parties must access and "solve" at least one of the three critical car systems, either central unit, autopilot or secondary control (VCSEC).

This is an advertisement used by companies to test their security systems. The prize program, launched in 2014, has caused Tesla to fix a number of problems, such as gaps that allow third parties to remotely control brakes from one of their cars.

Reduction of personnel

Along with the contest, Musk announced this Friday that they would reduce staff by 7%.

The king explained that the action was needed to comply with the new model's production schedule, which would make it possible expand your client and reach more consumers who can pay for this type of vehicle.

In a letter sent to his staff and published on his website, the founder and head of Tesla explained, without mentioning the number of employees affected, that this dismissal was needed to comply with the company's production schedule. Model 3

"Unfortunately we have no other choice," Musk said in the message, stating that the group intended to reduce costs so that more people could access their vehicles.


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