Tesla appoints new Musk director


The two promises announced today are part of a company agreement with the SEC, which also includes greater monitoring of the social networks of all board members.

Tesla was appointed Larry Ellison, founder of the Oracle software group, to occupy a position in the directory as part of the electric car manufacturer agreement with US regulators, after a deadlock with Elon Musk in September.

The company was also named Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, global head of human resources Walgreens Boots Alliance and Kellogg executives, to fill other vacancies.

Both appointments were effective on December 27, but were announced today – just when the deadline expired – in a document sent to the Securities and Market Commission (SEC). And they came with the aim of the agreement reached by Tesla and Musk three months ago to appoint a person new chairman of the board of directors and independent, after a series of tweets from the founder leads to SEC lawsuit.

After the announcement, company shares see a surge on the stock market and currently they are up 2.28%.

"The Board … is carrying out a complete process to find new independent directors, considering candidates from around the world with various skills and who have strong personal beliefs in Tesla's mission to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable energy," the director of automotive said in the text.

"As CEO, technology director and founder of Oracle, Larry's track record as an entrepreneur and philanthropist does not need to be introduced, Larry also strongly believes in Tesla's mission, after buying 3 million shares earlier this year." designate directory.

Twitter control

Today starts a new stage for Musk's Twitter account. As part of the agreement with the SEC, Tesla must implement a series of steps to control the existence of founders who are easily changed on social networks.

These steps include the formation of committees and the merging of expert lawyers in securities law to monitor messages and senior executive publications on platforms that are important to the company.

The display will be put more carefully on what Musk wrote, after the SEC said that he committed fraud by tweeting that he had "insured financing" to remove the company from the stock exchange.


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