Telegram for Android has new updates that focus on groups


Telegram's instant messaging application has gradually reached a high level of popularity among its users and new users coming. This is also the second application with more active users, after WhaysApp.

One action that is celebrated by most users, are updates that come regularly but always with major changes in the application, as we received Android users, today.

The application has included a simpler way to create groups, override the Super Group, to separate the number of users that remain in it, today they are all "Groups". As with version 5.2 for Android, it includes a set of restrictions that you can make in group chats.

This is about more complete control of the group by the administrator, where, from now on, administrators of each group chat will have the option to choose what the type of content that users can share, like limiting sticker in groups and even certain members can comment in groups.

Also from now on you can delete the complete conversation, and if you regret it, you can reverse the situation, because now you have a 5-second period where the user can cancel deleting chat or history.

This added to previous updates where the new dark mode was improved, which happens to be a type of navy blue, besides the black mode that we have seen for some time.


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