Subtel and Grupo GTD place a world-class data center in Puerto Montt


Data center

Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Pamela Gidi; GTD Group board chairman, Juan Manuel Casanueva; general manager of Grupo GTD, Alberto Bezanilla; general manager of Telefónica del Sur, Maritza Higueras; and Mayor of the Los Lagos Region, Harry Jürgensen participated yesterday afternoon at the inauguration ceremony of the world class data center, Level III, the southernmost of the South Cone.

This project, which includes an investment of 5 million dollars in the first phase, will be a major contribution to the development of industries and various productive fields such as tourism, the salmon industry and artisanal fishing. The above, because thanks to the progress of the Internet of Things (IoT, for its acronym in English) or Big Data will be allowed, among other things, to anticipate salmon leaks in the end, while protecting more effectively all data related to these sectors, which very important for the Los Lagos Region.

"We appreciate the Grupo GTD initiative to install a data center in Puerto Montt, a private company that has always been committed to investing in telecommunications nationally. In fact, in September last year he announced the start of the Prat project, which consisted of installing underwater fiber optic networks the 3,500-kilometer stretch will connect the country from Arica to Puerto Montt, "said Deputy Minister. Gidi

The authorities added that "the latest projects are in line with what the President of the Republic entrusted, Sebastián Piñera, in terms of continuing the growth path that exists in the telecommunications sector during his first term, once again achieved a dynamic rhythm. Investment in the sector".

On the other hand, GTD Group board chairman Juan Manuel Casanueva assured that "GTD inaugurated the most modern data center in the southern zone of Chile in Puerto Montt. The last is a hundred percent investment in Chile's capital, which is for the region and which will enable our customers in southern Chile to access the same standards in data storage and processing as our customers in Santiago, Medellin, or Lima. "

In turn, Grupo GTD general manager Alberto Bezanilla said that "we are very pleased to open the southernmost data center in the southern cone with Tier III certification. This inauguration expands our international network, which currently has five Tier III centers, three of which in Santiago, one in Medellin and the other in Lima. It also allows for a first-rate alternative outside Santiago, with more than 1,000 kilometers from the capital, generating alternative reserves for companies in Chile and Latin America. "

Meanwhile, Telefonica del Sur general manager Maritza Higueras said that "this data center will benefit the entire business and business community of the Tenth Region and the country, bringing this type of infrastructure and services to productive centers in the south. Chile, along with the team specialists who are close, agile and reliable. "

On the other hand, the Mayor of Los Lagos Region, Harry Jürgensen, said that "this inauguration is a true pride of our region, because this integration network is the largest in the entire southern hemisphere, enabling the complete digitalization of our economy, that is, we are entering the Industrial Revolution era Fourth and the most important thing is that the Los Lagos Region is present. "


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