Studies reveal details about the evolution of skin color


London, January 21 (Prensa Latina) Specialists found new genetic variations related to skin color after evaluating pigmentation in more than six thousand Latin Americans with a mixture of Native American, European and African ancestors, reports the journal Nature Commmunications today.

The research, conducted at University College London, identified five new areas related to the color of skin, eyes, and hair.

He pointed out that clear skin variations among people in Eurasia developed independently of different genetic backgrounds.

Genetics left it for certain that Native Americans were genetically related to East Asians who were founded around 20,000 years ago, through migration from Siberia to North America.

They observed significant variations in the MFSD12 gene which manifested uniquely in East Asia and Native Americans.

The work shows that brighter skin tones evolved independently in Europe and East Asia, while the gene under strong natural selection in East Asia, may be an adaptation to changes in sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

Dr. Kaustubh Adhikari, from the Institute of Genetics at the university, said the findings explain human evolution and report understanding genetic risk factors for conditions such as skin cancer.

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