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Spokesperson for controversy with Camila Vallejo: Gonzalo de la Carrera "not evil"

Cecilia Pérez is a partner of Gonzalo de la Carrera in managing the "Directo al Grano" Radio Agricultura program until before holding a ministerial position in March.

Radio Agriculture Panelist, Gonzalo de la Carrera Correa, "is not evil nor does it act in bad faith," government spokesman Cecilia Pérez said when asked about the controversy between ENAP's businessman and former vice-president and Deputy Camila Vallejo after revitalizing false news about parliamentarians.

De la Carrera shared on his social networking account news about the Spanish site LaTribunadeEspañ, a site with dubious content, entitled "Chilean Communists defend pedophile rights: & # 39; Pedophilia is the right to recover".

The Tweet aroused excitement, until the Agriculture Radio panel finally deleted the message and offered an apology to the above.

Consulting this issue today in an interview with Oasis radio, Minister Perez said that "today's fake news not only disrupts the soul, but also destroys democracy, we have seen and have lived with different people."

However, he added that "knowing Gonzalo, he is my friend, one of the things he did not have was to be evil, he was honest, he was direct, he was rude in contention, because many of us repeatedly, but he was not evil, acted in bad faith. "

It should be noted that the spokesperson was the program's direct partner to the Radio Agricultura Grain with De la Carrera, the space he left when he carried out ministerial duties in March.

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