Friday , November 15 2019
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Soteldo lives in a company to renew with the blues

The Yeferson Soteldo telescope and the University of Chile could end, after it was agreed between the new formula parties for Venezuela to remain on the Frank Daro Kudelka team.

Huachipato, owner of the "Chamo" card, once again offered the Azul Azul option so that the boy could continue his career with the chunchos.

400 thousand dollars for a new year loan or, another option, is to pay in installments to complete 50% of the player's pass, which will be needed to reach a peak of 2 million dollars.

Blue Blue remains unanswered, despite almost the fact that it will remain tied to "U" in loans for all 2019, which will close the negotiations.

With Kudelka's team this will happen to see the Argentine center-back option requested by the coach, where one who is almost thrown out again takes first place in the option.

Cristan Lema, who will not be the choice at Benfica, will be the card, after becoming the alternative background of Carlos Quintana.

With this, in addition to the arrival of Nicolás Oroz and Jimmy Martínez, Jonathan Zacaría must go to whom they are looking for a club to borrow.

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