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Sony Xperia XZ3, review and analysis after 30 days of use

Xperia XZ2 says it can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 we have a continuation of design, the terminal has thinned and OLED technology for screen. This Japanese manufacturer is not a friend of a hasty change and it is evident with the lack of a dual camera or absence & notch. But as we saw in the analysis, aspects such as cameras are finally closer to what is expected from the best sensor manufacturers on the market.

We have graduated a month with the Sony Xperia XZ3 and here we tell you our experience. Does the change to the OLED screen really compensate? Do we have enough power with 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845? Do we lose the second sensor in the rear camera? We will try to answer those questions and reflect on whether Sony's latest smartphone will meet the rest of the flagships this year.

Symmetrical, curved and attractive design

After a few years of betting on Omnibalance, Sony gave the expected leap to the 18: 9 screen with a smaller frame. New Ambient Flow design leave a straight line and embrace the arch as one of its advantages. In markets where the trend is towards design 'full screen', the change is expected. However, XZ2 has a clear problem: its thickness. With the Sony Xperia XZ3 fortunately the design has been improved and we have a device with dimensions closer to the usual in the high range.

Although not in front of a lightweight cellphone, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is comfortable to operate. And it is precisely this arch that helps hold it more easily. We don't think that the size is flawed and with this Xperia XZ3 we finally have a balanced terminal. This year many brands have taken a step forward in frame optimization with & # 39; notch & # 39; but Sony, as it is traditional, has decided to move little by little. It has advantages and that is that we have symmetrical and practical design will convince all users. We've tried other phones with a more compact design, but only a few are as good as the Xperia XZ3.

Sony Xperia Xz3

Crystal is the main element. The touch offers a great sensation and we have also been quiet this month due to the incorporation of Gorilla Glass 5. Despite wearing it all the time without casing and being very slippery, it only has a small scratch on it. When we leave the cellphone on a flat surface, the mobile moves on its own and at this point there is room for improvement for Sony. Another point where the Xperia XZ3 can increase is in the oleophobic layer. All crystal cellphones are usually easily impregnated with fingerprints, but in some models they are less visible than this one. Fortunately, the back camera doesn't hold fingerprints well and isn't easily stained even though we put our fingers there.

Sony Xperia XZ3 is a cellphone that feels great in the hand. It has thinned, crystals offer extraordinary sensations and curvature facilitates a lot of grip. This is slippery and the reader is not ideal, but the end result is quite convincing.

Curvature is also on the front. Sony decided to include many OLED panels with 3D curved glass on the side and above. The pronunciation is very little and does not interfere with vision, but it contributes a plus when it comes to grabbing the terminal. On the table it wobbles a little, but when the curvature decreases it's not used as much as in the previous model.

Ambient display

As usual, Xperia XZ3 is waterproof. We don't need to worry if our hands are wet or we use them when it rains. Of course, the USB port must be completely dry before filling and all covers must be closed. It is precisely the top cover that attracts our attention the most. The Xperia XZ3 has a nanoSIM and microSD slot at the top. The mechanism also has advantages and disadvantages. The good part is that we don't need a special accessory to get a SIM, which is great for those of us who have several cellphones. The negative part is when you open the cover, the phone is restarted mandatory.

Fingerprint Reader

What is my experience with Sony's fingerprint sensor? As usual, Japanese manufacturers cannot find the key in the reader's position. We have it on the side for a while and in the last Xperia we have it in the back but centered, a few centimeters below its usual position. The first days always fail, but after a week you get used to it. That is not a natural position. When you hold the cellphone, finger above, but the movement just slides down. In my case, having smaller hands seemed unnatural to me. I was surprised when I returned to my personal cellphone, a Pixel 2 XL, my finger went to a lower position. that The Xperia XZ3 has been successful in recent weeks to change the subconscious position to unlock.

Conversely, the face recognition of the Xperia XZ3 is very basic. The front sensor takes enough and fast light, but is behind what is seen on other phones.

Sony has shaped its design and with the Xperia XZ3 we believe that it has reached an important point of maturity. There are always points to improve, but based on our experience the design is feasible for those who are expected to be superior.

An incredible multimedia experience that provides a new leap with OLED

Sony Xperia screen

The main new thing about the Sony Xperia XZ3 is its commitment to the OLED screen and we believe it has been successful. Change is undoubtedly forever because the experience offered is at a very high level. We have exceptional sharpness, HDR compatibility and perfect contrast. Maximum brightness is quite high and also doesn't suffer especially when we see it sideways.

The curvature produces some rare reflections and automatic brightness is not very good, but the OLED panel used is the highest level and the results provide pleasure.

Lateral curvature causes the content to make the side edges disappear. We only appreciate a small reflection on the edge, but the front is not an inconvenience. The truth is that watching videos on the Xperia XZ3 is very good. I am a supporter of a larger panel, but visually I really enjoy these weeks with him.

Sony allows us to choose the color and color range of the screen. In my case, I feel more comfortable with the Triluminos standard, because professional mode, although more realistic, gives us a somewhat inactive tone for navigating or visiting social networks. I can't talk about that very clearly, because it seems so artificial that I haven't tried it directly. Usually I don't use Netflix on my cellphone because of its limitations, but some chapters have fallen and confirmed my opinion about the screen: one of the best panels I've tried this year.

Sony Xperia Netflix

Regarding brightness, the maximum level is quite high even though it's not an IPS panel. Even so, here we usually choose manually Automatic brightness has played some tricks on us. Take more from your account and don't detect the most suitable level correctly. Even so, the glass does not produce nearly all reflections, so we have a good experience outdoors.

Adding an OLED panel to your flagship has an added advantage and is an amalgamation of environmental screen. Sony gave us a large number of options, from adding photos, displaying notifications, stickers, or modifying the appearance of a watch. We value these little additions that do not interfere with our daily experience but allow us to customize the cell phone to our liking. In my case, I would prefer a more minimalist screen, but Sony added this new option and did it with an attractive setting.

Why do we say that the Sony Xperia XZ3 is a good cellphone for playing multimedia content? Basically because besides offering a very good panel, complete it with a good voice as high as you.

Stereo speakers may not be the strongest but their loyalty seems very good. We don't have a 3.5mm jack but if there are manufacturers who convince us to leave it, it's Sony with Bluetooth headphones and WH-1000XM3. Among the options added from the Xperia XZ3 are dynamic vibrations depending on the sound, although special settings that we found are not very convincing.

Exceptional in performance even though it is only true in autonomy

Xperia use

At the level of fluidity and performance, the Sony Xperia XZ3 has nothing to envy without a cellphone. It's true that it only has 4GB of RAM, but unless we are going to do multitasking that is very intense it's not a problem. Sony's customization layer is very light and we have experience similar to stock, both in appearance and performance.

As a pure Android regular user, I noticed that Pixel is one point ahead but the Xperia XZ3, Android 9 Pie and Snapdragon 845 are good. During these last days I also had another powerful smartphone with RAM twice and without hesitation I preferred to choose Sony when taking it all afternoon.

One thing I want to find on Xperia and Sony remains conservative in storage. From 64GB only we have 47GB free, enough but not desirable. We don't have many pre-installed applications and some like video apps or curious 3D Creator, but with Xperia Lounge we're not too happy. This is a hotbed of advertising that sends notifications to us from time to time and despite seeing from time to time we haven't found anything that interests us.

Another small detail of uncomfortable software is the application drawer. It functions like the original from Google and we can order applications as we want, but in the left area we have search engine with sponsored applications that tarnish the experience. I also miss that the application is installed directly on the desktop. I never thought I'd miss him, but I did. Yes, some options such as movement to control with one hand are appreciated, although in the case of lateral sensors for quick access, I haven't finished getting used to it.

4GB of RAM seems enough for us, even though we missed the option with 128GB. The performance is amazing and the phone doesn't heat up. The software is also very clean, although Sony dims it a little with a few extras that don't take us much.


The performance of the Xperia XZ3 will be the most convincing. All games are smooth and the feeling is amazing. We haven't noticed that it's hot too. But we don't have good results in autonomy, where there is something right for the upper class.

Larger terminals usually use a larger battery. In terms of our Xperia XZ2 has increased compared to the previous generation, but in autonomy we are still fairly fair. The 3,300 mAh gives for intense use a day, but arrived at the end of the day asking for time. This fits well and we get almost five hours of screen time, but that is not the cellphone you left behind, knowing that you will stand up to whatever you do.

The saving mode is useful and we have compatibility with Qi wireless charging. But again this part of the battery is a little loose because of the lack of fast charging. Accustomed to new technology, Sony and almost 3 hours to complete leave us something cold. Repeated pattern: The Sony Xperia XZ3 is a great cellphone and is very well built, but it appears that Japanese manufacturers are not leading investment in R & D for cellular. And it's in the high range seen.

Sony is close, but still not above the best cellphone camera

Xperia Xz3 camera

Two eyes see more than one. Unlike the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, the Xperia XZ3 maintains its commitment to a unique rear camera. We will not be surprised if in the future Xperia manufacturers decide to include this second lens, but for now we don't have it yet. Therefore, as my partner said, Javier in the analysis, Sony's photography section increased significantly.

that The back camera of the Sony Xperia XZ3 is at a high level. It doesn't get Pixel details or has many possibilities like Huawei, but this is a camera that deserves to be superior in 2018.

The Sony camera application is correct. The menu is simple and except for options like HDR which are hidden in manual mode, the rest are easy to use. Yes we have noticed certain bugs, although nothing has not happened to many other models. However, the most pleasant addition is physical button for the camera. It's different, the position is correct, simple and useful in many cases. Without breaking the design minimalism, the button is a small touch.

19 megapixel with Exmor RS Tri-stack home sensor with 1.22μm pixels. A camera that we have had on the Xperia before and has been upgraded with BIONZ processing timidly. The result? In the right direction

DSC 0294

During the day the photos are amazing. Good dynamic range, the very successful color and high detail. In photo preview, this detail is not very appreciated, but once we go to the gallery, the image is very accurate.

The focus is not the fastest, here we want Xperia XZ3 to offer something better. In some cases, we have taken photos that are out of focus when in other flagships, the photo is determined.


There is a scene acknowledgment as & # 39; backlight & # 39; or & # 39; nocturnal & # 39 ;. We don't have full night mode but the camera saves the situation quite well. The Sony Xperia XZ3 has a camera that is quite convincing at night, offering clear tones and sufficient detail even in nighttime pictures. We also have a manual mode that allows us to play with ISO and to be able to determine images in more difficult scenes.

DSC 0324
photo 2

Types of photos taken tend to be less exposed. The HDR mode is almost non-existent and between applying and keeping it there is no big change. The tonal gradient is very true, but achieving it by not increasing the brightness of the photo and causing chiaroscuros to be more muted than desired.

DSC 0212

Among the settings that I found interesting were predictive catches, which made several images and saved one. Not that we have a lot of space, but it's useful to get a better chance. We also have augmented reality modes, Google Lens, filters and photos with sound. That is a strange addition but on any cellphone we can achieve similar effects by downloading third-party applications.


In portrait mode is where you see the lack of a second camera. To achieve the popular bokeh effect, two photos were taken, focusing on two different areas. The results can be modified depending on the intensity, but the accuracy does not reach normal. Many areas are cut off, the area is not properly identified and we have no solution, even if by AI, to offer good portraits. Or next year they make a leap to the second camera outside the Premium model or they have to improve processing a lot.


Regarding the front camera, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is forever shocking. The selfie achieved is full of detail, good color and incredible dynamic range. Even in dark scenes, the front camera doesn't suffer too much. Surprise because usually in this section the camera tends to fall.

Selfie Photos

that Video recording is one of your strengths. Good stabilization, we have the possibility to record up to 4K HDR and the focus, although somewhat random, is also accurate. Other than that, Highlighting good sound recording. Mobile to bring concerts. Regarding super slow cameras, the Xperia XZ3 allows us to 960fps in 1080p. He was the only one who did it, even though it wasn't a differential fact either. The controls are rather difficult and you have to guess correctly, but it allows you to make a curious video.

With the Sony Xperia XZ3, I have got the photos that I like and the night and day the results are very convincing. From portrait mode it's better not to talk and the approach can be something faster, but it's a camera that doesn't run very far from above 5. This year's competition is very even and even though Sony still doesn't take a real leap, the Xperia XZ3 camera is quite dignified.

One month with Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony photography

I am quite happy with the Sony Xperia XZ3. This is one cellphone that is difficult for analysts to return. This is a smartphone that is very easy to manage with a top design. The curvature makes it very easy to hold and the size is right. I'm used to larger phones, but for most users, six inches is ideal.

Sony has diluted the cellphone enough to be comfortable and although there is no better optimization, it is a good and convincing design. Without & # 39; notch & # 39 ;, with interesting arches and great sensations in hand. Slightly slippery and not as unique as the previous design, but Sony Xperia XZ3 feels amazing. I am even used to the lower fingerprint reader, although the latter might be because my hand is smaller.

The change to the OLED screen is what Sony needs to fight in the upper class. The multimedia part of Sony is the advantage and with the new panel they continue to maintain their position. If we add extraordinary sound, we have a cell phone where we have finished reproducing more content than we thought. The performance is also very good and good unfortunate that something is just autonomy. True but not convincing. And it is precisely these small points that often cause the decant balance to one side or the other.

Sony runs at its speed, but with the Xperia XZ3 they have a solid product and offer a great experience. The OLED screen is very good, the sound is very good, the camera has been upgraded and the software transmits smoothness. This is not the latest high-end range, but is probably the most complete and balanced Sony mobile phone in recent years.

The photography section has taken a step forward, with very convincing results in a few moments and great videos, but with details that still need to be improved such as focus speed, lack of lighting or portrait mode. Sony remains as expected for the high-end 2018, but still doesn't make a big leap which enabled him to fight to be the best camera on the market.

If the Sony Xperia XZ2 is version 1.0, the XZ3 says in technology that the second generation is well fulfilled. 2018 has brought many changes in the upper class cellular sector and perhaps for that reason Sony and its conservative philosophy are good for working. Terminals that reach an adequate level of maturity and balance so that next year they can decide to take another risk. This is not the latest or has the best quality / price, but I think that for years we will see this Xperia XZ3 a success. It's a pity that to survive in a world of panic cellular technology must be accelerated.

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