Seriously interrupting concerts to answer the audience: "Someone always doesn't understand"


Joan Manuel Serrat was presented a few days ago at the Auditorium del Fòrum in Barcelona, ​​as part of his tour of the Mediterraná da da capo.

In the middle of the show, a participant on the program chanted "singing in Catalan, we were in Barcelona", which did not make the artist indifferent.

As reported by El Mostrador, Serrat took about two minutes to answer his Catalan interpellant stating that "there is always someone who doesn't know what to watch."

Continuing his speech, he added that "this album was made in Spanish 47 years ago and this performance took place from top to bottom. I know very well that I am in Barcelona, ​​surely I know before you. And before that, I worked for this city. "

On the same line, the singer added that "I asked him to let me make my show as designed, and I assured you that this was the first time I had to stop the show, that he had toured the world, because someone said something like that You can feel proud. "

The artist's response was welcomed by all those present at the show, before continuing the presentation.

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